Top 10 Guitars in India

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Guitars are available in various varieties and with different features

The guitar is not just a musical instrument, but also a way to express your feelings. it will turn out to be your best companion that will never leave you even after years. Therefore, it is important to buy a good quality guitar from the best guitar brand available near you.
However, it is a bit difficult for a newbie to choose the right one as there are many brands are available in the market. Hence it is important to gain some knowledge about Guitars.
This article will help you learn about the best guitar brands in India that will be the right selection for you.
Best Guitar Brands in India
Here we go, let’s start with the details about the best guitar brands in India.

1.  Yamaha Guitar Review – Best Acoustic Guitar in India


Yamaha is a famous Japanese Company known for producing an extensive range of musical instruments. It has caught the attention of the beginners and intermediate guitar players due to its budget-friendly product prices. Thus, it is an excellent choice for those who are going to have the first experience of buying any guitar. They can indeed get a good deal without costing a fortune. It is also suitable for Acoustic players. Yamaha continuously produces high-quality instruments that are unconquerable when it comes to the material or even sound quality.
Among all the incredible products, Yamaha’s FG800 is among the top-rated acoustic guitars. The company offers top quality within the affordable price range.
The outstanding playability of the Yamaha guitars is well suited for beginners or for those who are in the middle of their learning process. With a perfect balance of quality and cost, these guitars will never hinder your way of learning, unlike most new instruments.
With Yamaha guitars, the player will have the most enchanting experience he/she can ever imagine.
·         Budget-friendly and affordable product
·         Sounds like the expensive guitars
·         Use high-quality materials for construction
·         Highly suitable for the beginners
·         The brand name is not so famous as compared to Fender or Gibson

·         Won’t appeal the veteran players who are desiring top-notch quality in sound

2. Ibanez Guitar Review – Best Guitar in India

Ibanez is not a new name in the realm of guitars. In fact, it has the privilege to be a choice for the topmost guitar players globally. Started off as a Japanese company, producing quality copies of famous American guitars, Ibanez has now its own identity.
It is now among the best instruments for the metal and hard rock music players.
Ibanez is the pioneer to launch the first 7-stringed guitar. They are the creators of the 7-stringed instrument in 1990 with the collaboration universe. Most Ibanez guitars come with a full-size frigate shape having a top of laminated select dapper. Ibanez guitars have mahogany neck, back, and sides, along with 20 frets on a rosewood fretboard. The Ibanez-branded headstock came with attractive quality and closed chrome die-cast tuners. These all features make the Ibanez guitars suitable for every kind of style and genre of music. However, heavy music is mainly the field where metal crowd flock and let the Ibanez guitars unbeatable.
Although the shredders love the S series by Ibanez, however, no one can deny RG for being the most iconic instrument.
·         Have a brilliant build and design
·         Allow high notes with excellence
·         Swift
·         Worth the money
·         Entry-level and Acoustic guitars are not good with no unique quality
3.    Gibson Guitar Review – Best Guitar Brand in India

Gibson seems to have the features that diminish the drawbacks in the Fenders series. The USA Company comes with the humbucker pickups that reduces the noise and humming concerns and produces a warm sound. This makes Gibson mainly fit for the rock players. Unlike Fender, Gibson guitars have a shorter scale length of approximately 24.75 inches. It decreases the string tension. Thus, the easy bending produces a warmer and smooth sound, which is characteristic of the brand. You can certainly go for a Gibson guitar to enjoy a Fender guitar quality on short strings. Additionally, the use of mahogany further jazzes up its performance.

Gibson comes with Les Paul that adds more in the typical rock look than the Stratocaster of the Fender. This is much more appreciable by the many guitarists due to a more exotic appearance.
Though costing more, these guitars let the experienced players impress the world with top skills and a high-quality tone. However, Gibson is not suitable for beginners. They need to learn the skills before purchasing.
·         Most exceptional addition in the world of rock due to the most appealing design
·         Employs high-quality materials for construction
·         Exhibit outclass craftsmanship
·         Reduce humming and easy to play
·         Produce less bright tone due to Humbucker pickups
·         Expensive
·         May not be suitable for newbies or beginners
·         Heavy-weight makes it uncomfortable sometimes
4.    Fender Guitar Review – Best Brand for Guitar in India

Fender is well known for producing excellent quality musical instruments. Not just today, instead it always has topped the list of best guitar brands as an icon in the music history of America. It produces a brighter tone, accompanying single coil pickups rather than the humbuckers. The single-coil pickups are specially designed in a way scratching through the mix with the glorious sound to produce the characteristic tone. The unique part of Fender guitars may cause issues with humming.
Fender guitars have a scale length of about 25.5 inches, containing the strings from the nut to the bridge. Such an extended scale length is added generating a rich, bell-like sound. However, the long lines are more difficult to play due to increased string tension.
There is also no compromise on appearance. Fender guitars have introduced two most iconic shapes. These include:
·         Stratocaster, the most important and extensive part of the rock music.
·         Telecaster serves as the electric guitar and suitable for classical.
Offering a wide range of prices, Fenders are actually for everyone at any level. The Made in Mexico series of the Fender guitars provide the Fender’s famous tone in the world in just a small amount.
·         Affordable price range with fantastic features for all
·         Best standard designs for rock
·         Unbeatable fabulous peculiar tone
·         Humming and unwanted noise production by single-coil pickups
·         Hard to play with long lengths
·         The design maybe uncomfortable for some players
5.    5. Epiphone Guitar Review – Best Guitar Company in India

Previously, Epiphone guitars were considered to be the biggest competitor of Gibson. However, they were later acquired by Gibson who has retained the name of this brand to distinguish them from their pricey brothers. You can certainly consider it a budget-friendly production from the high-end guitar makers. Epiphone, just like the Gibson’s Les Paul, shares the same design but is available at a much lesser price. When it comes to craftsmanship, then we must say that Gibson is much better than this one. Unfortunately, Epiphone utilizes low-quality products such as mahogany and other electronic components.

Nonetheless, Epiphone guitars are now getting better. The new and exclusive ProBucker pickups are enough to increase brand reputation. They are still behind in sound development as compared to Gibson.
However, Epiphone still wins the hearts of many players by producing a tone very much similar to the Gibson one at a discounted price. This seems the only, but the most persuasive reason for the popularity of this brand.
·         Produce Gibson-like tone
·         Comes in a lower the amount that is affordable for a majority
·         Have a similar design to Gibson
·         Make use of new ProBucker pickups producing a unique sound
·         Use low-quality material.
·         Have cheap electrical components
·         Tries to copy Gibson, but not succeeds well

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